Living on the fringe of ordinary suburban life can bring a wry perspective. It was such a view that I experienced in being raised aboard a yacht. The physical distances encouraged detachment but also a corresponding need to belong, and a lifelong curiosity about the inner and outer lives of people .

What resulted  is a unique and intimate body of work that peeps inside the unconscious self, tapping into dreams to find a visual language to express the journey in life. A familiar human narrative experienced by all, which encompasses our many individual journeys.

Born in 1964, we arrived in Australia from Germany in 1966 with my mother and father.


Mum and I
Mum and I before leaving Germany 


I lived at the edge of Sydney’s suburbia until  seven when my parents set sail on the 45 foot  boat that dad had built in the backyard.


On the boat at Seven Hills

The ‘Rosa M’ being built.

So started a peripitatic way of life that saw me go to ten different schools by the time I was fifteen.

Me at sea - Copy

Rowing to school.

I made a living during my 20s as a cartoonist for a yachting magazine, drawing on a darkly wry sense of humour and years experience sailing up and down the east coast of Australia and to New Zealand.


canoe cartoon

Woodenboat magazine cartoon.


l continued work as a cartoonist and illustrator but my heart’s wish was to create children’s books.This desire received a boost when I won the Children’s Book Council of Australia, 2001 Crichton Award for best new talent in the field of Children’s Book Illustration.

Grandma shoe coverCover of Grandma’s Shoes by Libby Hathorn.

I started to notate my memorable and sometimes shattering dreams, which were to become a huge influence on my work.  In 2001 we moved to Eumundi, a  village in the coastal hinterland of Queensland, Australia, and began painting fulltime and exhibiting.  This was a busy time with sell-out shows and important connections made with key figures such as  the late Sydney art gallery owner Eva Breuer.



Girl at Old Piano sold by Eva Breuer.

In 2006 we were on the move again, this time to Canberra to learn printmaking at the Megalo print studio, studying under Deborah Perrow, master printmaker formally employed at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. I soon had a press of my own.



Alan's Cat

Alan’s cat (Etching from my time at Megalo).

Now living in Buderim, Queensland, with my husband and teenage daughter.

Children’s books remain a great love and in 2012 and was awarded a grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to write and illustrate a children’s picture book.





In May 2012  I made my way to London fine art debut at Debut Contemporary.  London touches the seeker in me.  I spent as much time as I could walking and enjoying the incredible experience of the place.  I am really looking forward to a new phase of work and a chance to show in a place I am fascinated by. What I hope, is that I can show what I have found . The depth of human experience is truly awe inspiring  …  my strong sense of two worlds, inner and outer is still with me. But I look at the world I see and want to paint what I see in the knowledge of what I have experienced below the surface.  In the act of painting, the material gains the spiritual, and the spiritual finds form.


Brief CV

Notable acceptances 

  • May Gibbs   Fellow (2009)
  • Lu Rees Archive (ACT,Australia 2007)
  • Ronnie Herman (Illustration Agent USA 2014)


  • Perc Tucker   Portrait Prize (Townsville, Australia selected and hung 2011)
  • Parallax Art   Fair (London, UK. Invitation only – selected for May 2012)

Australian Publishers (Author/ Illustration)

  • Penguin Australia
  • Double Day (USA 2016)

Illustration Exhibitions 

  • Chris Beetles Gallery (London UK)
  • Stop Laughing this is Serious Gallery . (Blackheath, Australia)
  • Customs House Gallery .(Warrnambool, Australia)
  • Books Illustrated . (Melbourne, Australia)The Book Garden . (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Hughendon Hotel . (Sydney, Australia)
  • The Perc Tucker gallery .(Townsville, Australia)
  • Dromkeen . (Victoria, Australia)

Australian Publishers (Illustration)

  • ABC Books,Allen & Unwin,
  • Hodder Headline,
  • Penguin,
  • Lothian,
  • Harper Collins .
  • Pan Mc Millan,
  • Jacaranda Wiley,
  • University of   Queensland Press,
  • Scholastic,.
  • Brisbane News

International Publishers (Illustration)

  • Maine Boats,
  • Homes and Harbours USA ,
  • Penguin Books UK ,
  • Hodder Headline UK,
  • Simon & Schuster UK ,
  • Random House UK ,
  • Oxford University Press UK ,
  • Addison Wesley Longman UK ,
  • Wright Group USA ,
  • Mc Graw-Hill USA ,
  • International Marine,USA 
Fine Art (Previous Exhibitions).
  • The Gallery Eumundi (Eumundi, Australia 2009, 2010 , 2011, 2012)
  • Impressions on Paper (Canberra, Australia 2008)
  • Milton House Gallery (Mackay, Australia 2006)
  • Stop Laughing This Serious Gallery (Blackheath, Australia 2005)
  • The Frances Reilly Gallery (Eumundi, Australia 2002-3-4)
  • The Maltby Gallery (Winchester, UK 2002)
  • No.9 the Gallery (Birmingham, UK 2001)
  • Artspace 2000,Barn Galleries (Henley on Thames, UK 2000)

Previous Fine Art (Individual   Pieces)

  • Debut Contemporary(London, UK)
  • Eva Breuer Art Gallery (Woollahra, Australia)
  • Solander Gallery (Canberra, Australia)
  • Greenhill Gallery (Perth, Australia)
  • Commerford Gallery (Byron Bay, Australia)
  • As well as private collections in Aust, USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada   and the UK

Australian Magazines and   Newspapers (Cartooning)

  • The Bulletin ,
  • Sydney Morning Herald ,
  • Courier Mail ,
  • Sunday Mail ,
  • Melbourne
  • Herald Weekly Times ,
  • Oz Arts ,
  • Readers Digest

International Magazines and Newspapers (Cartooning)

  • Maine Boats and Harbors USA ,
  • Classic Boat USA ,
  • Boatman UK ,
  • Practical Boat Owner UK ,
  • Professional Boat Builder USA ,
  • Wooden Boat USA

Other Works

  • Amanda Gore Lifestyle Management,
  • QLD on Stage,
  • Travelodge,
  • Swift & Moore,
  • State Library of Qld,
  • Power Brewing,
  • Daikyo,
  • Knowles Bristow Advertising agency,
  • Lloyds Ships Holdings,
  • Court Composers Group,
  • Royal Flying Doctors Service,
  • David Lewis Illustration Agency (UK),
  • Chele Simpson Fine Arts Agency (UK).