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Chris Beetles Gallery – London UK

Back in London, I ventured to the Chris Beetles gallery. The current exhibition was Michael Forman. His extraordinary career was on show in a floor to...


Characters                             Something that interests me greatly, is the life of characters beyond the small lit stage of a picture book.

A Book Hedge

A book hedge, that is what is required.

Creation of a book trailer

This book trailer was in collaboration with a group of very gifted people and some very excellent friends. . *****Click on Image below to see the...

Mazza Museum – Ohio USA

At the end of my speech came a question: “What comes first, the writing or the pictures?” Presenting at the beautiful Mazza Museum surrounded by...

Half Remembered Story

When you go out for the evening groceries, but walk a hundred leagues through some half remembered story to get back home.


Babushkat My Christmas wish - a BabushKat

Dreamt of Birds

  Further to the theme of birds, this painting is part of a work in progress titled ‘Dreamt of Birds’.     I have a small pile of...

The singing teacher’s cat

  Revisiting my diaries from my time in Canberra. I came across drawings of the cat that belonged to my daughter's singing teacher. I had a good...