Jennifer Caitlin

Jennifer Caitlin

It has been said that a face is an icon in the wilderness.

Impressions from my first years in Australia as a myopic two year old left a deep mark. I had an odd sense of the enormous implacable blue sky above us, the sense of endless space and the presence of a land so different to where we had come from.

The desire to find a point of entry a way to relate to the place , and also to people has been implicit in my desire to draw , paint , write.

This is a face I never tire of painting.


Licorice Tea

Newtown (Licorice Tea)

After hearing a harrowing life tale, I spent the entire night awake in a Newtown hotel. It was an experience that I can only describe as a turning point.
I painted this as a way dealing and coming to terms with it.

The very physical act of drawing and painting are the vehicle for another kind of seeing, recasting an experience.

It was titled after my drink of choice on that night. The memory of black liquid in a standard white hotel cup on a sea of wrinkled bed sheets.


Mother and Child.

Mother and Child

I returned the theme of Mother and Child when starting this series, it acts like a touch stone.

This painting started from humble beginnings. I had been heavily distracted with the picture book ‘Hasel and Rose’.

It was the first of this series and just returned to the easel. At first I was tentative and so returned to the parts that put me in touch with how I feel, a mother and child image.


Rosa gets to Bondi

Rosa goes to Bondi.

One of my first oil paintings, ‘Rosa goes to Bondi’

Starting with a blank canvas, something began to break the surface inside my head.

A feeling that underlines a moment, in this case my past, which pushes me into a painting.

I have learned to trust this feeling.

Reflection on a painting’s meaning comes after it is finished.



The Swing.

This was painted out the shear admiration of a beautiful face (my daughter).

There is a quality of stillness in an ever moving world.

Capturing a moment in time through a protracted process is a major part of balancing a painting.


Portrait of Jen

Portrait of Jen

This was a complicated painting. There was no initial plan or agenda.

It was rather a coming together of different personalities.

A combined presence of the women in my family, Jen, myself … amongst others.


Guava Woman

Guava Woman

Sometimes a painting comes spontaneously.

In this case a scent from the past, a memory of sensation.

Here I recollect guavas as a child – guavas that were being trampled by horses in a paddock.


Bus Driver's Dog.

Bus driver’s dog.

Emotions and the past have always been a large influence in my work.

Here I show a life from my childhood. Someone close while I was living on a boat in Australia.

The dog as a symbol of her troubled domestic life.

I wished better for her.

It was a heart breaking memory.



St Imbecile in her Earthly Garment

This image draws from a dream that I had when I was fourteen.

The girl looks a lot like my daughter, Jen, at that age.

It is a strong and sensual image with profound meaning to me, that I still don’t understand.

Some images are not meant to be understood, instead they work on a gut level.