A Family portrait.

Sometimes an idea arises and sticks in my mind, because it sits within its own ridiculous logic and laughs at me from there, until I accept it.
That is the case with this painting, A  family portrait.

In family life, accounts of events can vary wildly, broaden that out to extended family and the possibilities of the story changing multiply. Any chance of certainty diminishes. Accounts of character too, go full scale from angel to devil.

When I was younger, I was greatly agitated to know the truth of certain family stories, as if this would bring order to my private universe.

A picture recently came to mind of a family, posed for a photo such as you see any given day at the beach. New spouse, new baby, new dog….. It is us, but I am uneasy, there is no clarity to be found.
Then a bear shuffles in, slides into a vacant chair and sits. Take the picture, everyone is here now.

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