Bank Street Bookstore – New York City

The day before my story time, I stopped in to meet the staff at Bank Street Bookstore. It was a good thing I did, as I got to see the amazing Alva read to a group of children. By read, I mean take a book and put on a one woman stage show; she read, she sang, she acted her way, she even managed to play the tambourine, all with aplomb which ended in a smothering of hugs and smiles. I could now see why story time is over subscribed at Bank Street.

Alva was to introduce my own story time reading the following day, and I was very much looking forward to that. Then on the day I duly showed up with books and art gear ready … only to find that Alva could not make it. My moment of anxiety at replacing her soon evaporated as Andy the shop proprietor took story time instead. While he may not have some of Alva’s moves, he boomed that story out.  I can still repeat some of the lines. There is fabulous energy created when a book is read aloud and performed as these folks do twice a week, year in year out.

It was a lovely group of parents, nannies and children present that day and I have to say I was glad of the opportunity to be in a store whose focus is solely children’s books. The staff engage in a unique creative way with the kids and proffer expert advice to the grownups. I just loved this store and highly recommend a visit should you be in the neighbourhood.

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