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Maine Boats Homes and Harbors

On the subject of old friends.

My first ongoing illustration work was with Wooden Boat Magazine in Maine USA, many years ago. I can still remember the fax machine rattling into life at 3 O’Clock in the morning to announce a new job awaited. Their contributing editor, Peter Spectre would send me his latest journalistic offering which often included a tidbit of local news. It was quite surreal to read these; how branches were snapping under the weight of a severe snow storm in Maine, while at the same time our shoes were sticking to the molten bitumen at home.
























When Peter moved to Maine Boats and Harbors I went with him, partially out of loyalty but also because I just enjoyed his company. In time he retired and other things took up my time so the connection was broken.

So it felt very much like ‘through a looking glass’ for me when I received an email recently and have now started working for Maine Boats Homes and Harbors again.


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