Children’s Writer’s Guild

Children’s Writer’s Guild

The Children’s Writer’s Guild was brought to my attention by a friend. One thing led to another and now I am extremely pleased to say that I am an irregular contributor for their website.

For this, I must thank Shelia Wright and Joshua Wright of CWG.

Their site features some wonderful writing and illustration and is well worth looking at – link here.

From the Children’s Writer’s Guild website


I created this image specifically for my Picture Book. The book’s plot surrounds a family having recently relocated and the child, Rose, wishing for something that will help her to regain her sense of place in the world.

Anyone with children would know this feeling … be it fever, nightmares, lost toys or most likely, all of these at once. There will come a time when everyone in the house is awake and staring out the window, at a complete loss. Your four year old is in the pit of despair and all you can do is join them. It is a leveler. That was what I drew on, to illustrate the moment in the story when an impasse is reached. Rose’s problem is now everyone’s problem … and on another level is simply voicing a shared unease, loss and displacement.

I used a line and wash technique, as I find it to be the most direct, expressive and simple illustrative style for the type of story I write.

Caroline Magerl

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