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Half Remembered Story

When you go out for the evening groceries, but walk a hundred leagues through some half remembered story to get back home.

Bank Street Bookstore – New York City

The day before my story time, I stopped in to meet the staff at Bank Street Bookstore. It was a good thing I did,...

There are places you cannot go, except by bear.

Here is the story of my journey into Terra Incognita.   I found myself at my desk with a handful of old childhood photos. It is was an effort...

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors

On the subject of old friends. My first ongoing illustration work was with Wooden Boat Magazine in Maine USA, many years ago. I can still remember...


Characters                             Something that interests me greatly, is the life of characters beyond the small lit stage of a picture book.

Dogs I’ve met

Bruiser The dog travelling Red coat. Foxy Dog with toys.

DoubleDay Publishing USA

My USA editor. I arrived good and early for my meeting at Random House, so that I could sit down to fidget. It turned out...

Eric Carle Museum – Massachusetts USA

Massachusetts The next morning, I was delighted to watch snow fall while eating breakfast. The locals seemed less enthusiastic. By lunch, the snow had become...


Babushkat My Christmas wish - a BabushKat

Creation of a book trailer

This book trailer was in collaboration with a group of very gifted people and some very excellent friends. . *****Click on Image below to see the...