A short and courteous email arrived recently – asking if I am still painting and where I am showing.

In typing out an answer, I spent the afternoon thinking back over my time as a painter and remembering some of the people I have met.

One such memorable person was Eva Breuer. Eva was renowned for her art savvy as a highly respected gallery director/art dealer and I had the privilege of her selling my paintings.

(Girl at old piano)

She once asked me to donate a painting to the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute auction. My motivation was personal; a number of my family members and friends had been affected by cancer. Besides, it was common knowledge that Eva had been fighting cancer herself.

Portrait in striped sleeves

(Portrait with striped sleeves)

By whatever coincidence, I had recently completed just the right piece, ‘Portrait with striped sleeves’ the image of a girl on the verge of womanhood.

Sadly, Eva passed away from cancer in 2010 and her gallery closed its doors.

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