In the evening light, I noticed a wildlife bridge suspended high above the road. Its wire span sharply divided the evening sky, while below vehicles were busily travelling in one direction or the opposite.

Somehow this bridge evoked the notion of a whole other world which was passing overhead. I imagined a parade going cross country; foot traffic from this other world that was totally oblivious to the vehicles below. The parade would be filled with ‘Alternativas’- like us … but perhaps not quite. The wrong-headed woman, a woman/bird/woman, would be leading from the front with her feather collar lively in the high wind and dress rustling heavily as she strode along the wire.

The idea of other worlds that are with us has long been with me. They exist ever so faintly in our peripheral vision as we hurry along our familiar routes, in our daily pursuits. I find it comforting, to know this wrongheaded world is there.


Once this idea took hold, it spread and soon St Kilda’s rooftops appeared in my mind’s eye as the perfect understory to this birdwoman’s aerial Spatziergang.

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