Julie Danielson – Connecticut USA

As committed and dedicated as writers and illustrators are … the people who help promote our work equally deserve our recognition.

I recently made acquaintance with Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast, someone I personally want to recognize here.

“I do this because I enjoy it. My thoughts on a book will be the same whether the book comes from the publisher, the bookstore, the library, the author him or herself, or a long-forgotten, dusty, cobwebbed corner of a shelf in a used-books store.”

Extract from Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast – Link Here


We set off to our destination, only four hours drive away. By this time the snow had begun to fall in earnest. After driving past the fifth accident we decided to change to lower ambitions somewhat and settled for a closer motel. This was near the University of Connecticut, where I was to meet Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast Blog the next day.

My first view of Julie was through the large glass windows of the archive room where precious things are kept. Julie was ghosting backwards and forwards in the otherwise empty room, ferrying items in white gloved hands. After the gentleman at the desk confirmed that the lady in the room was indeed Julie and with some waving and gesticulating through the window, she emerged and together we went off to the uni cafeteria for lunch. Julie was at the university to research the James Marshall Papers at the Dodd Centre and it was my good luck to have met there.

It was delightful to hear about her blog and as anyone who has started their own blog knows, there is a huge amount of time and effort involved. Yet Julie’s approach has a simplicity that belies the quality of her offerings. Her words to me were that she continues the blog as a hobby, just like some people might paint or knit … there is no schedule and she only posts what she likes. The thought came to me much later that integrity will always show in any endeavor and Julie has a decade of top shelf blogging to prove it. We discussed our children, the work she was doing here and the experience of driving in the spring snowstorms … I noticed then, it is hard to admit to living somewhere called the Sunshine Coast, where the main road hazard are galas eating the windscreen wiper rubber off your car. It was well worth the trial by snow to meet her and see this beautiful campus. I do however feel a need to embellish my rubber eating galah story, a little, my neighborhood never felt less punk.

Even the seagulls are enormous here


(Our first breath of cool weather this morning and with it that feeling that everything changed overnight)



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